Attorney Rose Sanders New Blog Discusses Why Someone Will Not Lose Their Job After an Injury at Work

Attorney Rose Sanders and her personal injury legal team in Texas have many years of common experience in what they do. They often use that experience to alleviate an accident victim’s fear of going ahead and pursuing a legal claim against those who have wronged them. A good example of this is a recent blog post posted on the law firm Rose Sanders website that talks about why someone will not lose their job if they make a legal claim after an injury at work.

This new blog is titled ‘Personal Injury: What to do after an injury at work’ and can be viewed here at after-an-injury-at-work /. It also includes some good tips on how a personal injury victim should communicate with their employer after a work-related accident.

The blog started by saying that those in the law firm understand that workplace injury can be a frustrating and often confusing experience, but the injured person should be aware that they may be entitled to compensation. This is to protect them in the event that a work-related injury may prevent them from performing their normal job duties and being paid or fired because an employer did not want to pay the benefits of losing their job. incomes. This is why if someone is injured at work, they should talk to a competent personal injury lawyer before signing the actions that the employer will take. The article then went on to list some steps that should be taken by the person who was injured in a workplace accident. The first of which is to obtain any necessary medical care and then follow it up with a call to an experienced personal injury lawyer. It is also recommended that if the employer has employee compensation coverage, follow up on a claim in that area as well. Also discussed on the blog, the rights that a victim of an accident at work has and the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer to protect those rights. Many good blogs with useful personal injury information like this can be found on the firm’s website at

Those for whom attorney Sanders and her team have filed lawsuits for workplace accidents have been very grateful for the legal assistance they received. Chloe D. wrote in her 5-star review, “I hired Charles and Erica when I got heavy burns in my workplace. I was very pleased with the representation of Charles and Erica. They were both fast, diligent and “In the end, I was happy with Charles and Erica representing me and the solution they got for me. I highly recommend Rose Sanders law firm for any personal injury issues.” Acer Sanchez stated: “We hired Charles Sanders to represent us on a case involving a death at a refinery, and in my opinion, there is no better lawyer around. Charles and his firm did everything to meet our every need, exceeding our expectations. I was extremely impressed with how aggressively he pursued our case and the level of detail presented. Charles found time to explain everything and was always available when we had questions. His staff was professional, polite and treated us with a personal touch. Charles resolved our issue quickly and we are very pleased with the result. I highly recommend Charles Sanders if you need a lawyer. ”

Other areas of personal injury that the legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm excels in litigation include automobiles and other types of car accidents, industrial accidents, marine injuries, fatalities, uninsured and uninsured driver claims, and even injuries to those included in the travel payment. accidents. Other legal specialties in which the firm has made a name include defamation and entertainment and media law. Those who want more information on any of these legal issues that the firm can help with, can contact them by phone or refer to the above website or their Facebook page at https: // www.


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